Episode 104 | Jason Bermas on the NWO and 9-11

Posted by Altered States on Monday, 2 of March , 2009 at 1:06 am

An amazing new show from the Altered States Para-Team, Jason Bermas, director of the acclaimed documentary “Loose Change”, joins us on the show to discuss the events and information surrounding 9-11 as well as the hidden elite who run our world.

That’s right, we talk about the New World Order (NWO)!!!

Hear about Jason’s newest film regarding secret societies and the power that the elite holds over the masses. We learn about his research on the Skull and Bones, President Obama, and the New World Order!

Altered States guest host Kristin Baalman joins Dave and Tom to give her insight into the critical research regarding these secret societies and the event that changed America forever.

Click here to download this amazing episode


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