Episode 401 | Spiritual Attachments

Posted by Altered States on Sunday, 5 of August , 2012 at 3:44 pm

Well, well, well…Guess who’s back and better than ever?  No, not Liberace.. It’s us, Altered States Paranormal Radio.  You remember us right?  That’s why we came back!  Thanks to all our loyal friends and listeners out there for wanting us back so bad.  This time, we come back with a bang, and we’re back to really get things rocking!  The triumphant return comes with some of your old favorites including Co Hosts David Harvey and Tom Durant, amazing new independent music, and great information to share with all our fellow investigators and enthusiasts of the paranormal.  What’s new this season?  How bout a little humor.  We’ve got field reporter and comedian Karen Rontowski from the Supernatural Junkyard bringing strange and interesting news from her nation wide travels right into your own ears!  That’s right, she’s in your EARS people!

But that’s not all for this triumphant return to the internet airwaves.  Dave and Tom spend the next hour talking about a very serious topic that came to their attention just a year ago.  We’re talking Spiritual Attachments.  How many of you have left an investigation but the investigation never left you?  The AS team discusses ways of determining whether or not you or someone you know has a spiritual attachment and how to handle the various types of spirits that may be causing trouble on your home turf!  This is one for the ages, but the Altered States Crew will have MANY MANY more shows coming to you monthly from…that’s right…BEAUTIFUL DOWNTOWN BURBANK!



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